Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope you have all enjoying a wonderful Easter Weekend with your friends and family. It takes place when we’re surrounded with new life as the flowers bud around us. 

What To Take Skiing?

I’ve just come back from an amazing week of skiing in Austria and I thought I would do a useful blog post on what to pack.

Art Explorations

Art galleries are wonderful places to visit. Filled with so much creativity and thought provoking pieces. Many of you know about the TATE, an iconic art gallery in Central London, but it’s the smaller galleries that I have been exploring.

Camera Equipment

Just over a year ago I got my first DSLR camera. Initially I needed it for Media Coursework, and after a little bit of persuading I was able to get it as an early Christmas present. This was where the love of photography began, and I haven’t stopped taking pictures since.

Behind The Scenes 

With many things in my life, I like to plan things out so I can be prepared. This includes trips and daily to do lists. This process also applies to my blog posts, I like to follow a similar process when publishing a post and I thought it would be interesting to share this with…

Hello Spring!

Say goodbye to Winter…  Even though Autumn is my favourite season, Spring does bring a refreshing change. It welcomes new life, warmer days, and an array of beautiful flowers are bursting out the ground from their Winter home.

NCS | My Experience

Meeting new people can always be a daunting experience but when you’re in the same situation as a group of others it can help to calm the nerves. Back in the summer of 2016 I took part in something called NCS (National Citizen Service).

Minimal Jewellery

After recently receiving some new jewellery in the mail, I thought it was about time I showed you the beautiful designs, they are truly stunning. If you are a fan of all things minimal these will be perfect for you.

London | Travel Diary

04.30 | First Check In Early mornings are always rough but most times they are worth it. For me I love visiting cities well before the shops open. It gives me a chance to explore the area before the busy crowds pile in. With my bag packed it was time to go.

Stationary Favourites 

Just a small midweek post, I had a very busy and exciting weekend at London, more about that on Saturday’s Blog Post. Away from all the fun and carefree days,  exam season is just around the corner.  Meaning it’s time to get serious about  revision. Along with that comes cute stationary of course.

Graphic Design Work Experience

During the last week of June 2016 I undertook a work experience placement at a local Brand and Digital Design Agency. The work that I completed, ranged from sourcing information for the companies social media to designing emailers and webpage mock ups for the company.

12 Hours in Paris 

Just a little over a year ago I took the plunge in getting a passport and traveling to Paris. But, only for one day. I didn’t fly there, and I didn’t go by Train. The journey consisted of a very long, emphasis on long, drive to the city.