Wales | The Collective

I’ve spent a lot of my life in Wales, and it’s where I truly feel at home. Over the years I have visited many destinations across Mid to North Wales, and of course, I have accumulated a lot of photographs and memories from those journeys. I am able to reflect on the many years to…

My University Alternative

Going to University is a major step in anyone’s life and it may seem like the only option to pick once you leave school. I decided to pick a different route than most my friends at school at here’s why.

The British Summertime

Its officially summer guys! June 21st marks the Astronomical Summer for the United Kingdom. And what a wonderful time of year it is.

Job Interviews | Graphic Design

I have gone to a few interviews now for Job Agencies and University Courses for roles relating to Graphic Design and I thought this blog post will help any of you who are interested in pursuing a career in the design industry.

It’s The Small Things That Count

I don’t support too many designer brands, instead I reach for handcrafted items, which is personal to you. It results in something that is personal and tailored to you.

Macro Photography 

Oh the joys of shooting things in macro. But who said you needed an expensive camera and lens to get those photos.