Apps for Bloggers

Life can get a little crazy sometimes, but finding a way to be a little more organised really helps. We all carry and use smartphones so why not utalise them to make our lives more productive.

Austria Ski Trip| Travel Diary

During the first week of the Easter holiday, I went on a school trip to Austria with some of my closest friends. After a long and tiresome journey, the adventure and fun finally began.

Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope you have all enjoying a wonderful Easter Weekend with your friends and family. It takes place when we’re surrounded with new life as the flowers bud around us. 

What To Take Skiing?

I’ve just come back from an amazing week of skiing in Austria and I thought I would do a useful blog post on what to pack.

Art Explorations

Art galleries are wonderful places to visit. Filled with so much creativity and thought provoking pieces. Many of you know about the TATE, an iconic art gallery in Central London, but it’s the smaller galleries that I have been exploring.