Welcoming Something New

We all need something new, whether that’s a fresh wardrobe or trying out a new Starbucks drink. For me I wanted to start a blog, where I can express myself and show off some of the things I have been up to as well as the work I will be creating. As my school years draw to a close it’s time for me to prepare to move on, and hopefully obtain a career in Graphic Design (more on that in future blog posts).

I hope this blog allows me to showcase my work, establish my photography and present my art. As a creative person these are the things which truly keep me motivated.

Part of trying new things includes the creation of a Resolution’s List at the start of the new year. Since 2017 is about change and starting something new for me a list was certainly the start of that. The following is a small snippet of those goals, it has been split into three sections:


  • Go to London for the day.
  • Visit Austria and go Skiing.
  • Visit Scotland.
  • Buy a Plane Ticket.
  • Go on lots of hikes – Have an Adventure!

Personal Goals:

  • Start an Etsy Shop. Sell my Art work.
  • Take a Jewellery Making Class.
  • Learn to paint better in Watercolour.
  • Start Driving – Pass my Theory Test.
  • Upgrade my Jewellery.
  • Go to a Yoga Class.

Career Goals:

  • Complete my A-Levels and get good grades.
  • Get an Apprenticeship in Graphic Design.
  • Begin an Online Profile for my designs.
  • Educate myself on Photoshop / Illustrator.
  • Save for a MacBook Pro.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy 2017 and I hope all of your ambitions come true, only time can tell. Here’s to 365 days to try something new.

Adell x


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  1. Great post! And I love that picture of the flowers, it’s STUNNING.

    Liked by 1 person

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